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NOTE: This document is by no means all-inclusive. It is intended to serve as a general guide to the series and pointer to other sources with more detailed information on specific aspects of the series and newsgroup.

NEW In This Edition:

  • New episode capsules
  • New information on the future of The Simpsons

Section I - Introduction/Newsgroup Background

Section II - Series Background

  • Creation of The Simpsons
    • Who is Matt Groening?
    • What does he do for The Simpsons?
    • Where did he get the name/s for the Simpson family?
    • How did he create them?
  • The Tracey Ullman Show
    • What was the first Simpsons short and when did it air?
    • How many shorts are there in total?
    • Why do the characters look so different?
    • Why does Lisa behave so differently? She's basically a female Bart.
    • Is it true that Maggie speaks in the shorts?
    • I noticed that her pacifier sounds different, too.
    • Why are Homer and Marge not given voice credits?
    • Do any other well-known characters from the half-hour series make appearances?
    • Why does Homer's voice sound so different?
    • Why was the "Babysitting Maggie" short censored?
    • Are all the voices the same?
    • Why did the shorts disappear during the last season of The Tracey Ullman Show?
    • I heard that Tracey Ullman actually filed a law suit against Fox. What became of that?
  • Transition to Half-hour Primetime Series
    • What was the first episode?
  • Series timeline

Section III - Character Information

  • The Simpson Family
    • What is the Simpsons' home address?
    • What is the Simpsons' home phone number?
    • How come the characters don't age?
    • How much does Maggie cost in the opening titles?
    • The trivia question in 3F31 said that the cash register read "NRA4EVER". What's going on here?
    • How old is Homer, exactly?
    • What does he say exactly? D'oh? D'ohh?
    • What do the J's stand for in Homer J. and Bartholomew J. Simpson?
    • Why is Bart's shirt sometimes orange and sometimes blue?
  • Other Springfieldians
    • Where is Springfield, anyway?
    • In "Behind the Laughter", the Simpsons are revealed to be a Northern Kentucky family. But when they re-ran the episode later, it was changed to Southern Missouri. What's going on?
    • Is Smithers gay?
    • Is Karl (from 7G02) gay?
    • Is Milhouse/Bart/Homer/Martin gay?
    • How old is Mr. Burns, exactly?
    • Which one is Patty and which one is Selma?
    • What are all of Selma's married names?
    • But she never married Lionel Hutz!
    • Which one is Itchy and which one is Scratchy?
    • What are the words to the Itchy & Scratchy theme song?
    • Is it just me or are several of the characters left-handed?
    • What are the names of the bullies who pick on Bart, and which is which?
    • Is Bart's friend named Milhous, Millhouse, Milhouse?
    • What is the name of ... ?
    • What exactly does Professor Frink say? Ng-hiey? Ng-wiey? Glaven?
    • Is Groundskeeper Willie Irish or Scottish?
    • What nationality is Dr Nick Riviera?

Section IV - Cast, Staff & Production Information

  • The Voice Actors
    • Who does which voices?
    • It seems to me that Homer's voice sounds different in early episodes. Did they change actors, or is it just my imagination?
    • There are a few other characters who sound different in early episodes. Were all the same actors doing the voices?
    • Why do some of the female characters sound different in recent episodes?
    • Why did Maggie Roswell leave the show? UPDATED
    • What will become of Phil Hartman's characters?
    • Is it true the entire cast was nearly fired and replaced?
    • Who plays the baritone saxophone for Lisa?
    • I heard that (so-and-so) was going to be on The Simpsons. Is that true?
    • Why did Michael Jackson and Dustin Hoffman not use their real names?
    • Which actors/celebrities have appeared on The Simpsons who are now deceased?
  • The Staff
    • How do I contact Matt Groening or the producers/writers of the show?
    • What about e-mail addresses?
    • I have a script/story idea I want to show to the producers ...
    • What does a consulting producer do and what does a supervising producer do?
    • Is consulting producer a lower job then a supervising producer?
    • Who is Ian Maxtone-Graham, and why is he so disliked on the newsgroup?
    • Is The Simpsons' production staff aware of UseNet and a.t.s.?
    • Have any of them actually posted to the newsgroup?
    • Why is John Frink listed as a producer in later seasons?
    • What is Matt Groening's favorite episode? What about cast members? Writers? Directors?
    • What are the known cast and staff birth dates/places?
  • Production
    • How is a Simpsons episode created?
    • Who creates the animation for the show?
    • Why did Film Roman take over animation production?
    • How much does it cost to produce one episode?
    • How long does it take?
    • What are all these hexidecimal numbers people keep using?
    • Where are the production codes seen?
    • Why do the Season Six production codes jump from 2F22 to 2F31?
    • And what about 3F31?
    • Why did Matt Groening remove his name from the credits of episode 2F31?
    • Where do the episode titles come from?
    • How come Halloween episodes don't follow established continuity?
    • Has The Simpsons won any awards?

Section V - Episodes & Events

    • Was Smithers black in one episode?
    • When and how did Dr. Marvin Monroe die?
    • Why was he killed off?
    • When and how did Maude Flanders die?
    • Why was she killed off?
    • What is the spelling of Bart's fake Scrabble word in 7G02?
    • What's the deal with the rake scene in 9F22?
    • In "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", why do Moe and Lenny cover their mouths when they mention the two Super Bowl participants?

Section VI - Miscellany

  • Music, Merchandise, Literature
    • Have any of the episodes been released on video?
    • What about on DVD?
    • What musical albums and compilations have been released?
    • What books have been written about the show?
    • Are there any Simpsons video games?
    • What is Bongo Comics Group/Simpsons Illustrated?
    • Didn't The Simpsons do commercials for ... ?
    • Who is the winner of 1995's 1-800-COLLECT "Who Shot Mr Burns?" Contest?
    • What's this I hear about a real-life version of the Simpson house?
  • Broadcast Information & Syndication
    • Is my local station cutting the episodes?
    • Why are some clips shown in commercials not in the transmitted episodes?
    • In what time slots have The Simpsons aired?
    • What is syndication?
    • Why are the syndicated episodes being cut?
    • How come I rarely see any episodes preceding Season Six in syndication?
  • Rumors
    • Will there ever be a Simpsons movie?
    • I heard the show was being cancelled ...

Section VII - Commonly Requested Lists

Section VIII - Closing Remarks

On to Section I

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