Matt Rose Course Design
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I think all these top courses lists out there are pretty much a popularity contest. So instead of doing a "top courses" list, I thought it'd be better to do a list of my favorite courses, since that's pretty much what top courses lists are anyway - someone's favorites. I admit I haven't really played a lot of designer courses out there, but I'm picky about what I play. I would say I only download maybe 1 out of every 20 courses that comes out. I find most courses don't interest me to begin with based on screenshots. Courses played as of February 17, 2000

Fictional Designs

  • 1. Black Valley Golf Club, J. Reel
  • 2. Carmel Point East, Scott Antes
  • 3. Grand Beach Country Club, Frank Roorda
  • 4. Heathland Downs, J. Reel
  • 5. Rolling Evergreen, Brian Silvernail

    Real Course Renditions

  • 1. TPC of Avenel, Shawn Drake & Brian Silvernail
  • 2. TPC of Sawgrass, J. Reel
  • 3. Forest Oaks CC, Shawn Drake
  • 4. Augusta National, Scott Chesney
  • 5. TPC of River Highlands, Dale Somerfelt

    Honorable Mentions

    Fictional: Savannah Ridge (Scott Antes), Illinois Golf Club (Andrew Bernstein), TPC of Gunga-Galunga (Brent Fulberry)
    Talon's Point (BigDawg), Carmel Point West (Scott Antes)

    Real: Cypress Point (Brian Silvernail), The Country Club (Scott Chesney), Medinah #3 (Steve Gazis)
    Desert Mountain Cochise (Silvernail & Chesney), Nicklaus North (Silvernail & Chesney)