Wisconsin Golf Club

The Wisconsin Golf Club was my first ever cyber-course. The course was released in May 1998, and although its limitations showed, some seemed very surprised that it was a first effort. After going back through the course one day, I was happy with some of my work but the whole roughness of it bothered me. So I decided to renovate the design using new techniques and tricks I've learned in the past year or so as well as taking advantage of advances in custom object and texture design. Several holes have been rebuilt and combined with several new holes built from scratch.

1st hole, Par 5
534 503 481 422
5th hole, Par 5
580 558 539 461
7th hole, Par 3
181 162 139 97

The first hole was tightened significantly with a new green being built and a huge bunker surrounding it. Mounds were added to give the hole a bit more definition. Definitely a much stronger hole now.

The 5th hole was left mostly intact, but the fairway was narrowed slightly. In addition, bunkers in the lay-up area were deepened a bit, and a new bunker was built directly in front of the green itself, which is slightly smaller than previously.

On the 7th, a completely new green complex was built and moved a little closer to the pond, with the old front bunker separated into two smaller, more punishing traps. The claustrophobic feel of the old hole was rectified by removing many trees.

8th hole, Par 4
452 423 392 390
9th hole, Par 4
407 381 348 320
12th hole, Par 3
207 178 159 134

Physically, the design principles of the 8th hole remain mostly unchanged, but a new green complex was built bringing the creek into play around the green. Now shares a hole window with #6. The water was also brought more into play off the tee and the hole now plays a bit more like it was meant to.

#9 was one of the best looking holes from the original design. This hole was left pretty much alone, with the exception of the fairway bunkers moved farther from the tee, as well as new tree placements.

#12 is a completely new hole, built along the old lake, which was drained and re-shaped and now shares a hole window with #11. This new hole is about 20 yards longer than the old one and plays to a much different green.