March 1999

  1. "Every Morning" - Sugar Ray Apparently playing this song 15 times a day wasn't enough. Somebody should just throw this piece of shit on one station and play it 24/7 and free up valuable air space elsewhere.

  2. "Baby One More Time" - Britney Spears I'm still in shock over how this grade-schooler got a record deal.

  3. "Ray of Light" - Madonna Quit singing dance-club techno shit Madonna and just show us your cleavage. Everyone knows it's all you're good for.

  4. "Animal" - Savage Garden At least they've progressed beyond such lyrical tour-de-forces like "a chica-cherry cola". Still, everyone Australian knows nothing good ever came out of Queensland.

  5. "Heartbreak Hotel" - Whitney Houston Yawn. Another VH-1 "diva" singing drum-machine infested R&B tripe. Next please.

  6. Anything from Aerosmith's latest album Maybe they should go back on drugs.

  7. "Another Brick in the Wall" - Pink Floyd For a song written in 1979, it sure does get played an awful lot. I mean, I swear I hear this song on radio almost as often as "Every Morning". Has this been re-released or something?

  8. N-Sync's current single still doesn't matter which one

  9. "Believe" - Cher I guess people really *do* like listening to a synthesized reproduction of this already incredibly-grating voice box. Isn't it bad enough when she's just singing without the effects?

  10. Goo Goo Dolls/Eve 6/Matchbox 20/Eagle Eye Cherry no one song in particular, since it's physically impossible to tell any of them apart from others.