Hey nosy types, guess what.....photos!!

Thanks to the sweet Tammy Hocking for scanning these.

Yours truly

  • The picture on the front page
  • Posing with my Lisa Simpson doll
  • Here I am in a hotel room apparently laughing myself silly at something.
  • Joining in with the Simpsons in a conga line! - taken July 1998 at Film Roman animation studio in Los Angeles, where "The Simpsons" and King of the Hill" are animated.
  • Some of the people, animals, and objects in my life

  • Tammy Hocking - perhaps the one person in the world who truly understands me, I am proud to call her my soulmate.
  • Another one of Tammy
  • Tammy and I posing while playing mini-golf.
  • Tammy and I posing with Donald Duck - at Disneyland.
  • This would be my loving family, pictured with Tammy and my brother Chris' girlfriend Vanessa.
  • My dog Husker - awww, he's so cute : )
  • The house I lived in from August 1992 to September 1998.
  • These are my drums
  • The "Rozermobile" - you'll more than likely see this one flying by you on I-43, unless you happen to be a Wisconsin State Trooper, in which case I'll be obeying all traffic laws and signals. The sticker on the window is of Cartman saying "Sweet!"
  • Ondre Lombard and myself at his home in Los Angeles. Ondre is a good net-friend who you might know as the maintainer of the official Simpsons FAQ.
  • Capmania - A real-life gathering of people from the IRC channel #watertower on the WTnet network (irc.tower.com) which I attended at Matthew "The Captain" Kurth's house in northern Illinois.