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5F23 The Joy of Sect
5F08 Bart Carny -
Obviously more enjoyable than the musical clip slow. There were things to laugh at, like another funny couch gag. I was rolling on the floor when the carny said his name was "Cooter"....Nice "Dukes" slam there. What else was good was Homer outsmarting them at the end. He used his brain for once. What sort of bothered me was Lisa, she acted a bit juvenile. None of the jokes were all that memorable like the old days though; I guess that's what I lament the most. An hour after watching this episode I can't remember what was funny about it.

52F4 All Singing, All Dancing -
Yeesh....what can I say. I don't even feel like reviewing this one, it was so horribly unwatchable. The only redemming thing about this was the end, when you could tell the characters themselves were apologetic for torturing us for 20 minutes. I sincerely hope this type of episode is never written again....I don't consider this a real Simpsons episode.
5F07 Miracle on Evergreen Terrace -

This episode bothered me *a lot*. Not good at all. And highly implausible. Am I supposed to think that ending was funny? That is one of the most horrible things I've ever suffered through. It was a painful ending. It made me *hate* every character in Springfield. It's a shame because I thought Acts I and II were decent. I'm very, very disappointed in this episode.

5F06 Realty Bites - ½
Another lukewarm episode, although I must admit this is a *lot* better than recent Marge-centered episodes. Dan Greaney appears to be trying, and that's good, but the bottom line is: Marge just isn't funny. No matter how hard you try, she just can't be made funny. At least we were spared the horrid antics of Jennifer Crittenden this time.

5F05 Lisa the Skeptic -
This is a tough one, I'm not sure what to think of it. I didn't laugh a whole lot, but I appreciated the fact that Lisa was herself and not a PC thug, and she had some good moments with Marge. I felt Ralph was very out of place this week.....he is being overdone. I also think that the ending was kind of dumb. This was like watching "Bart's Comet" or something with a Lisa twist to it; a lot of mob scenes were involved. Much of this episode remains consistent with my feelings about the show these days, which is that I feel that it is still mildly funny and I enjoy it, but it's not the occasionally emotional brilliant sidesplitter that I fell in love with.

5F04 The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons - ½
Homer is better this week. But the kids (esp. Lisa) still seem in the background and that bothers me. A slow opening and a somewhat mushy ending was saved by what I felt was a strong middle act. Homer sure looked contented in the rest home, didn't he? I feel that the plot was at least made believable and Homer was funny without being the jerk he was last week. A few gags fell flat (mostly the beginning) but some things were quite funny....does Harry Shearer know he has a barbershop named for him?

5F03 Bart Star -
An otherwise good and often funny episode marred by the appearance of Homer the obnoxious jerk. Mike Scully has a reputation of being responsible for Homer slipping into his evil character, and at times it was painful to watch in this episode. I also felt it was painful to watch Marge in this episode - every scene she was involved in seemed to be dragged out and forced. The "Cat Fight" video game had me laughing until I was blue in the face and the football sequences were good. Unfortunately, the despicable way Homer acted in this episode ruined it for me.
5F01 The Cartridge Family - ½
Once again I'm satisfied but I think the writers are walking some dangerous territory with this one. Homer was almost the jerk that he has been in some cases. At least this time he managed to realize he was a jerk. Many funny moments, like the whole soccer sequence.
5F02 Treehouse of Horror VIII - ½
Nothing like a good Halloween Special to follow a classic the week previous.....put Homer in a universe all by himself and see what happens. Nice Act I ending which isn't what you expected to happen (consistent with previous ToH's). The second act was best of the three for me; Frink (!), Bart was his evil self, Lisa was the one to save everything, and what Homer did with his matter-transferring device was very funny. Act III was weaker but still decent - seeing an Evil Marge was somewhat refreshing.
3G02 Lisa's Sax - ½
Wonderful. This is what classic Simpsons are all about. This was like watching a vintage Simpsons episode from season three or four. Every flashback they've ever done has always worked for me and this was no exception. Come back to us Jean and Reiss, you guys still have the magic. I wish the sax montage would have ended the episode instead of what came after it, but everything else was perfect. The best thing the series has produced in two seasons.
4F23 The Principal and the Pauper -
I'm a bit kinder to this one that most people; I found that this episode did have a couple funny moments despite the obvious discarding of everything we knew about Principal Skinner to this point. I would have had less of a problem had this been a season two episode or something but I think it's terrible for such a revelation to made at this point in the series. I won't go so far as to say it's the worst episode ever because it's not; there were things that made me laugh.
4F22 City of New York vs. Homer Simpson - ½
Season nine kicks off with a "cute" story (I guess it's how I'd describe it). I must admit that the whole "Flushing Meadows" bit had me on the floor and the behind-the-back New York Jets ad on the bus that you only catch if you look closely. That's the kind of Simpsons humor I miss and I'm very glad they've chosen to bring it back.