Top 10 Annoying Songs of the Month

Spring 2000

I don't even bother dealing with any type of pop music format anymore, so there's not much point to this page now. I still think MTV needs to be destroyed. I mainly concentrate my cynicism on the genre known as "classic rock" - you know, stuff all the 42 year-old NASCAR loving Budweiser drinking forklift drivers love. Coming soon to a county fair near you.

10. "Cocaine", Eric Clapton

This song sucks, this song sucks, this song sucks....CO-CAINE.

9. "Free Bird", Lynyrd Skynyrd

Everybody loves a 2 minute song with a 9 minute guitar solo.

8. Anything by Boston

Can you tell any of their songs apart? I sure as hell can't.

7. Metallica Orchestra crap

"S&M" eh? Tellya what, I sure would like to see them bound, gagged and whipped, especially after this Napster thing.

6. "Kryptonite", Three Doors Down

It isn't that bad of a song....but for crying out loud, I DON'T NEED TO HEAR IT 37 $#@%-ing TIMES AN HOUR!

5. Creed's latest single

See #6. Only this song actually sucks.

4. Any solo Sammy Hagar

Not that I'd mind usually, except that this is almost always part of a "Van Halen double play". Exsqueeze me?

3. Anything by DEF LEPPARD

Possibly the absolute worst of the worst hair band of all hair bands...worse yet, they didn't even play on some of their albums, they just sang (very badly).

2. "Bad to the Bone", George Thorogood

Why do all classic-rock stations have a colossal hard-on for this tune? I mean, what the hell is so special? Cliche, cliche, cliche. This song truly is BAD, and I'm not using the "bad is good" definition.

1. "Sympathy for the Devil", the Rolling Stones

I hereby declare the use of the phrase "WOO-WOO" to be legally outlawed. Somebody sign this into legislation tomorrow.


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