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Squaw Peak Country Club Released March 1, 2000

An original desert course design set in the vast Sonoran Desert outside of Scottsdale, Arizona, with the beautiful McDowell mountains as a backdrop. Many natural washes and rock outcroppings come into play.

Point Vincent Golf Club Released October 4, 1999

A thick forested layout located in Door County, Wisconsin near Green Bay (the body of water, not the city) and is named for the nearby cape that shares it's name.

Keilor East Golf Club Released August 8, 1999

Routed over an abandoned quarry that really exists in a northwest suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by my first trip to Melbourne during May, June, and July of 1999.

FOR JACK NICKLAUS 5 Courses are playable in GBC
The Northwoods Released October 23, 1998

Routed through and around the placid lakes and forests of the Wisconsin north country. I would like to possible redo this course in the future but seem less enthused than I am over other projects.

The Wisconsin Golf Club Released May 10, 1998

The first course I ever designed for the series, located near Madison, Wisconsin. A GBC update has been in progress for some time now; although again my enthusiasm is lower for this than for my newer projects.



I don't have anything in progress that is worth previewing so far. I have become frustrated with Links to the point of lost interest and I trashed the course that I was working on. I may try again soon and pay closer attention to the order of things. I reinstalled GBC and started a project but I am a bit uncertain about what I want to do with it. So it could be awhile before you see anything in this space, unfortunately.