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Welcome to Matt Rose course design, dedicated to the art of designing playable golf courses for Links 2001 and the Jack Nicklaus Series.

I have been designing cyber golf courses since early 1998 when I first discovered the Nicklaus series. So far I have released five courses for Jack. 

SMARTLINE UPDATE With your host, Kent Brockman

May 17, 2001: I have not designed much lately. I have become so bored and frustrated with the Links designer that I trashed my first course with it and decided to reinstall GBC. Although I am not satisfied with what I have begun in GBC either that I am at a real crossroads. I have considered buying PGA 2000 as well. I guess right now that I am torn between all three course architect programs and the different pros and cons that they offer. Basically, Links 2001 is the best looking but too difficult to use, GBC is presenting me with problems trying to produce something original looking, and PGA I don't have. At the present I am sort of going back and forth designing in everything so my next project is basically whichever one I finish first. 

What's inside:

  • Matt's courses - A look at my designs, including those not yet available to the public.
  • Favorites - my short list of courses I think are the cream of the crop.
  • Custom Art - download texture sets, objects, and sounds that I have created or altered.
  • Philosophy - My thoughts on cyber-designing and what I strive to achieve in each course.
  • Links - self-explanatory.
  • About Me - "The Rose Garden", which is my personal homepage, containing mostly bad attempts at sarcasm and my rants on why popular music sucks as well as links to my Caddyshack sound archive.
  • E-mail - get in touch.

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